What is a superNONI?

A superNONI is a preferred broker that receives the added benefits from having NONI in their corner. These benefits include:

  • NONI leads provided by meMortgage
  • Reduced U/W fee’s for NONI’s ($200 reduction)
  • We pay for the Appraisal*
  • Priority turn times for all NONI loans

Once you are an approved business purpose Broker partner, you will receive all the perks listed above! Please reach out to your AE to get signed up!

Want to become a superNONI broker?

Fill out the application below and receive an approval in as little as 24hrs.**



    *To qualify for the appraisal reimbursement the loan must be NONQM, investor/business purpose and have a loan amount ≥ $500,000. Maximum credit will not exceed $550. Any and all additional property reviews or appraisals will not be paid for by meMortgage. Credit does not apply toward transferred appraisals. Credit will be applied at closing.

    If application is accepted and approved broker must fund at least 3 NONQM loans per month in order to keep superNONI status with meMortgage. meMortgage reserves all rights to remove any broker from the superNONI program at any time.