POPS® – Personal Or Professional Statements.

Meet POPS. POPS fondly recalls setting out to build the American dream armed with nothing more than an idea and that unbreakable American spirit. He is a self-made man who appreciates the things he had to work hard and save up for. If he were born in the last 25 years they’d call him an entrepreneur, but he humbly laughs at the term and simply refers to himself as a small business owner. Some call him old school, we call him vintage. POPS available exclusively at theLender.

“NONI and POPS: A Match Made In Heaven” webinar | February 3rd 2020
You are cordially invited to witness the union of theNONI and her soulmate, POPS. In this webinar you will meet POPS, learn his specifics and find out how he brings the best out in NONI. Check out the whole webinar below.

Download the PDF version HERE

Program Highlights

  • No Pricing Adjustments for cash-out, units, IO, or condo
  • Gift Funds Allowed
  • $3,500,000 Max Loan Amount
  • $2,000,000 Max Cash Out
  • Max 50{98182cbbf8450659a3b2ba28bfedbfbc3cca01d3ee505504dacf2af8a5819169} DTI
  • 1×30 MTG History allowed
  • 2-4 Units no LTV reduction
  • IO: Reserves based off ITIA payment
  • Reserves waived on r/t refi with 0x30 mtg History
  • One rate for LTV 65.01{98182cbbf8450659a3b2ba28bfedbfbc3cca01d3ee505504dacf2af8a5819169}-75{98182cbbf8450659a3b2ba28bfedbfbc3cca01d3ee505504dacf2af8a5819169}
  • 50{98182cbbf8450659a3b2ba28bfedbfbc3cca01d3ee505504dacf2af8a5819169} flat expense factor for Business Bank Statements
  • Terms: Fixed, ARM & Interest Only Options

POPS Whitelabel flyer

  • Download the POPS highlights flyer HERE

Introducing the most interesting man in the NonQM world. Our beloved POPS® can bulk and cut at the same time. He can lift your NonQM production PLUS he can help carry an extra 2.5% worth of closing costs above program max LTV. The best part is you qualify and price off the POPS LTV (before the PLUS). Yes you read that right! POPS+ has essentially expanded our max LTVs up to an additional 2.5% AND if you use it right, you’ll actually be lowering the borrower’s rate! We told you he can cut and bulk at the same time! See the matrix for more details.

  • Finance closing costs up to 2.5% on top of max posted LTV matrix for POPS
  • Charge up to 2.5% origination and finance it ON TOP of max LTV!
  • Pricing based on prePOPS+ LTV’s…POPS is giving away free LTV’s
  • Available on purchase, r&t and cash-out transactions
  • Reduce your borrowers out of pocket expenses.
  • If you have more questions or need more information, please shoot us an email at DropItLikeItsPOPS@theLender.com