A message from Cory Tona | Co-founder of theLender

I was once a top performing account executive.  My last stop in sales was in 2013 at ClearVision Funding, which was a DBA of Pacific Union Financial.  I always felt that things could be done better, but as a sales person, you rarely get the chance to put your stamp on things.  In talks with my good friend Aaron Iverson, we floated the idea of creating a brand that would truly put brokers first and change the landscape of the wholesale mortgage industry.  In Late 2013 we did just that.  We started Motive Lending and within 4 short years we had over 225 employees and had funded over $8 billion in wholesale loans.  We had no recruiter.  We hired almost every single operations and sales associate single handedly, grew extremely fast, and were not going to fail.  We grossed revenues well over $100 million during that 4 year period.  We are looking for individuals that have that same fire, have the same “get it done” attitude, and want to create something truly great.  Being that meMortgage will operate autonomous we need someone trustworthy and unwavering in their commitment to success.  This will not be easy, nothing will be handed to you, but if you are confident in what you can achieve the sky is the limit.  It was for us. 

Are you a top performer?

Have you always wanted to run your own wholesale channel? 

Have you always felt you can put together a company that is better than what you have seen from your competition? 

Are you looking forward to running your own P&L?

Are you looking to step right into something that is completely built out and ready to go with 30+ state licenses?

If you have answered YES to all of those questions, we want to talk with you!  meMortgage is ready to set sail and we are hoping YOU can challenge the ever so stagnant wholesale landscape.  If you feel you are capable of taking on this challenge and taking meMortgage to the top, reach out by filling in your information below.  All candidates will be 100% confidential.

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